Internship training is a period of work attachment with government organizations or private companies that provides students with important skills and practical knowledge required for the professional job market. This training is generally opened to sophomore students who fulfill specific academic criteria. Briefings are offered every trimester by the Faculty to prepare students embarking on their internship training. 

Industrial Training Committee 2024


Dr Sit Nam Weng
Deputy Dean (Student Development and Industrial Training)
Email: sitnw@utar.edu.my





Agricultural and Food Science

Puan Azida Illyani (Agricultural Science)
Email: azida@utar.edu.my

Dr Ee Kah Yaw (Food Science)
Email: eeky@utar.edu.my

Biological Science
Dr Goh Wei Lim (Biotechnology)
Email: wlgoh@utar.edu.my

Prof. Wong Hann Ling (Microbiology)
Email: hlwong@utar.edu.my
Dr Yap Moh Lan
Email: ymlan@utar.edu.my

Dr Shit Chong Seng
Email: scseng@utar.edu.my
Allied Health SciencesDr Annaletchumy Loganathan (Biomedical Science)
Email: annal@utar.edu.my

Dr Farzana Athirah Binti Abdul Latif (Dietetics) 
Email: farzana@utar.edu.my
Cik Lina Munirah Binti Zakaria
Email: munirahz@utar.edu.my

Dr Saw Seow Hoon
Email: sawsh@utar.edu.my
Chemical ScienceDr Chai Tsun Thai (Biochemistry)
Email: chaitt@utar.edu.my

Dr Lim Chaw Jiang (Chemistry)
Email: limcj@utar.edu.my
Dr Anto Cordelia
Email: antoc@utar.edu.my

Ms Chang Chew Cheen 
Email: changcc@utar.edu.my
Physical and Mathematical ScienceMr Looi Sing Yan (Statistical Computing and Operations Research)
Email: looisy@utar.edu.my

Ts D Karunanithy (Logistics & International Shipping)
Email: karunanithy@utar.edu.my
Dr Lim Huai Tein 
Email: limhuait@utar.edu.my