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Edufun Agrimicrob Science Holiday Workshop Series III

Dec 19, 2023


Centre for Agriculture and Food Research (CAFR), Faculty of Science

Sponsors: Nature's Best Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, ViTrox Agritech Sdn. Bhd., DKST Services Sdn. Bhd.

Details of the event. Registration: https://shorturl.at/dhxR9

Group photo taken with Dr. Ong Mei Kying (center; chairperson of the Edufun workshop), Dr., Ali Yassoralipour (3rd from right; HOD of Department of Agricultural and Food Science, workshop committee members, facilitators, student helpers and participants. 

Dr. Ong Mei Kying (organizing chairperson) welcoming all participants and introducing the carefully designed workshop activities to raise interest and motivation in learning life science subjects. She also explained how these knowledge and skills can help in our daily lives. 
Mr. Shawn detailing the event schedule and workshop activities. We are honored to have him as the emcee and helper of the event yet again. The workshop consists of four sections encompassing livestock farming, aquaculture, agronomy and microbiology. 
Dr. Kwong Phek Jin elaborating on the importance of pregnancy determination to improve reproductive performance, ease farm management, aid in feeding efficiency, enable better monitoring of development, enable prediction or determination of litter size, and monitoring of early embryonic death. 
Participants given the opportunity to use an ultrasound machine to determine goat pregnancy.  
Pn. Nurdiyana 'Aqilah binti Roslan introducing the different macromolecule assays to determine the basic nutrients and quality of goat milk. 
Participants performing iodine test, Biuret test, Benedict's test etc. in determining the quality of goat milk.  
Dr. Ooi Ai Lin stressing the importance of fish, crustaceans, bivalves and seaweeds in food security and nutrition, as well as the role aquaculture plays to replenish these important aquatic food sources. 
Dr. Ooi explaining the morphology and anatomy of shrimps. 
Dr. Teoh Chaiw Yee demonstrating how fish should be dissected while detailing the morphology and anatomy of a tilapia.
Group photo taken at the end of the exciting session! 
Dr. Tan Ji explaining the importance of agronomy in food security and sustainability. He also highlighted the importance of light, temperature, soil type, nutrients and humidity in growing healthy plants, and different plants require different types of growth conditions. 
Dr. Tan introducing the different types of beginner-friendly plants suitable for a terrarium, including Fittonias, Syngoniums, Java Moss, spikemoss etc. 
Mr. Jerry Lai providing advice to participants who were allowed to design and create their very own terrariums. 
Participants showing off their unique terrariums!
Dr. Teo Kah Cheng introducing the students to the world of Microbiology, and how importance microbes are to humans despite not being visible to the naked eye. 
Dr. Teo demonstrating different tests used to identify microorganisms and their biochemical activities, including staining, starch hydrolysis, hydrogen peroxide test and chemical control of microbes. 
Participants introduced to aseptic technique, an essential skill to ensure that all experiments are clean and devoid of other microbial contaminants which could otherwise affect the accuracy of experiments. 
Dr. Lee Kok Chang demonstrating how small microbes are, even at 1,000x magnification. As such, stains are usually required to allow us to see them more clearly. 

Presentation of certificates of participation by Dr. Ong Mei Kying (Organizing chairperson) and Dr. Lim Tuck Meng (Dean of Faculty of Science) 

During the closing ceremony, Dr. Lim Tuck Meng (Dean of Faculty of Science) explaining the importance of scientific knowledge, thinking and methodology not just in advancing Science, but also as building blocks of critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will shape one's life. 
Group photo taken during the closing ceremony. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their tremendous support, and we hope to see you again soon! 

Field Trip to Kilang Beras BERNAS Sungai Ranggam

for UDAA3403 Farm Animal and Nutrition

Dec 1, 2023


Department of Agricultural and Food Science, Faculty of Science

Group photo taken with En. Muhamad Syauqi (center), UTAR staff (Dr. Kwong Phek Jin and Dr. Ooi Ai Lin) and Agricultural Science students. 

Inaugural Musk Melon Harvest and Tasting Ceremony

Nov 30, 2023


Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS), Faculty of Science, Hami Eco Farm Sdn. Bhd. 

Dr. Ali Yassoralipour (project leader and Head of Department of Agricultural and Food Science) presenting the process of melon planting carried out at the green house of the UTAR Agriculture Park. 
Musk melons planted at the UTAR Agricultural Park as part of a research collaboration between UTAR and Hami Eco Farm Sdn. Bhd.
Dr. Ali Yassoralipour presenting the first harvest of musk melons wrapped in Malaysia Songket to Prof. Ewe, president of UTAR. Joining in witness are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lim Tuck Meng (Dean of Faculty of Science; left) and Mr. Aw Chee Choy (Founder of Hami Eco Farm Sdn. Bhd.)
Mr. Aw Chee Choy (Founder of Hami Eco Farm Sdn. Bhd.) explaining that the sweetness, harvest time and asking price of musk melons are determined based on 'cracks' at the stem end of the fruit, as well as the appearance of its surface nettings.  

Group photo between Representatives from UTAR and Hami Eco Farm Sdn. Bhd. From left to right: Mr. Teoh Yan Ji Representative from GC9 Biocontrol Solutions Sdn. Bhd.; Ms. Adeline Ting from Hami Eco farm Sdn. Bhd.; Assoc Prof. Dr. Lim Tuck Meng, Dean of FSc.; Mr Aw Chee Choy, Founder of Hami Eco farm Sdn Bhd.; Dr. Ali Yassoralipour, Project lead for the Musk Melon Planting and HoD of Agricultural and Food Science; Dr. Pedram Kashiani, Chairman of UTAR Agriculture Park; Dr. Kwong Phek Jin (Project Member), Ms. Bastikatun from Hami Eco farm Sdn. Bhd and Dr. Clement Wong Kiing Fook (Project Member)

Logistics and International Shipping Students Awarded Professional Membership

with The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Malaysia 

Nov 18, 2023


The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Malaysia (CILTM) 

Group photo of UTAR BSc (Honours) Logisitics and International Shipping staff and students with CILT International President-Chief Teete Owuse-Nortey, FCILT and past President of CILT International Datuk Abdul Radzak Malek, FCILT at CILTM 2023 Convocation. 

From left to right: Mr. Liew Yee Shien, Mr. Koay Zheng Yii, Ts. Dr. Mohd Aam Din, Mr. Mohan Selvaraju, Mr. Tian Yukun and Ms. Fong Chui Lin.

Factory Visit to Nature Goodness Food Indsutry Sdn. Bhd.

Nov 9, 2023


Faculty of Science (FSc), Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS)

Group photo taken at Nature Goodness Food Industry Sdn. Bhd. which specializes in producing high quality durian paste for export. Seated from right toi left: Mr. Sun Boon Teck (Director), Eric Lim Siang Sin (Executive Director/CEO), Dr. Ong Mei Kying, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lim Tuck Meng (Dean of FSc), Dr. Ali Yassoralipour (HOD DAFS), Dr. Chang Ying Ping and Dr. Chay Shyan Yea. Standing from right to left: Mr. Lum Jia Jian (Director), Fred Lim Siang Aik (Director), Goh Shyng Jieh (Financial Controller), Hanky Ooi (Senior Manager)

A group selfie taken with Dr. Ali and Mr. Lum as the rest of the entourage suit up, taking all precautions to avoid causing contamination to the processing line. 
Part of the processing line where stringent protocols are employed to ensure all durian pastes are free from impurities, and that pastes coming off the line are of the highest standards and quality. 

Field Trip to Happy Natural Farm and Baba Study & Research Farm

 With UTAR Adjunct Professor Prof. Ryoichi Komiya

Nov 3, 2023


Faculty of Science, Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS)

Group photo taken at  欢乐自然农场 Happy Natural Farm. From left to right: Pn. Azida, Mr. Ng Seow Lim (owner), Ms. Frances Lim (Earth Tag Organic Certification body), Prof. Komiya and Dr. Ali Yassoralipour. Thank you for the wonderful tour and souvenirs. 
A tour of the farm at Happy Natural Farm which adopts a biodynamic way of farming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Check out their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100069634117860
Mr. Hans Leong introducing the Baba Study and Research Farm, which aims to establish itself as a research and promotional center to assist farmers in embracing organic farming, as well as educating students and consumers on the importance and benefits of organic products towards personal well-being and the health of the planet. 
We are honored to have Mr. Hans Leong providing some hands-on action to the entourage, especially following his recent successful  talk at the Faculty of Science during the Agritech Seminar Series 23 event.  

Group photo taken at Baba Study and Research Farm. From left to right: Ms.Shanice Goy, Pn. Azida, Prof. Komiya, Mr. Hans Leong, Dr. Ali Yasorralipour (Head of DAFS) and Ms. Frances Lim (Earth Tag Organic Certification body).

Field Trip to YF Greenland Natural Farm and 7Stone Organic Farm Cameron Highlands

 With UTAR Adjunct Professor Prof. Ryoichi Komiya

Nov 1, 2023


Faculty of Science, Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS)

Group photo taken at YF Greenland Natural Farm Cameron Highlands. From left to right: Mr. Timmy Yong (farmer), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lim Tuck Meng (Dean of FSc), Prof. Komiya, Dr. Ali Yasorralipour (Head of DAFS) and Ms. Frances Lim (Earth Tag Organic Certification body).

A tour of one of the greenhouses of YF Greenland Natural Farm, where a wide range of crops are cultivated in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.
The entourage checking out the lower section of 7stone Farm designated for leafy vegetables.

Group photo taken at 7stone Farm in Cameron Highlands. From right to left: Dr. Ali Yasorralipour, Mr Yeow (owner of farm), Prof. Komiya, Assoc. Prof Dr. Lim Tuck Meng, Ms. Frances Lim and Dr. Yosuke Okimoto (Sourcing Manager of Secai Marche Sdn. Bhd.)

Organic Farming in the World Today

 What should we do in UTAR for Malaysian Organic Agriculture

Oct 31, 2023


Department of Agricultural and Food Science

Group photo taken with Prof. Dr. Ryoichi Komiya (first row, third from right) during his talk "Organic farming in the world today, and what we should do in UTAR for Malaysian organic agriculture."

Ms. Hazlinda welcoming all participants before introducing Prof. Dr. Ryoichi Komiya and the long list of contribution he has made in organic farming.   
Prof. Dr. Ryoichi Komiya explaining the importance of organic farming, as well as the many hurdles that have to be overcome to increase its adoption in Malaysia. 
Prof. Dr. Ryoichi Komiya also discussed short- and long-term approaches that can be taken by UTAR to encourage organic farming in Malaysia. Essentially the Kampar campus should approach the farming community to identify real-life farming issues, followed by Sg. Long campus solving these issues using IT and engineering technologies. 
This was followed by a Q&A session durinng which Prof. Dr. Ryoichi Komiya answered questions related to the future of organic farming in the world, as well as the need for awareness among consumers to drive supply for organic produce.

Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF) The Fair 2023

Oct 27-29, 2023


ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology (AAET), The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM),

Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), 

Tunku Abdul Rahman University, University of Management and Technology (TAR UMR), Faculty of Science UTAR

Group photo taken with UTAR staff and students (from left to right: Dr. Ooi Zhong Xian, Dr. Ooi Mei Lee, Mr. Seou Chi Kien, Ms. Chan Kah Tong, Ms. Ng Yee Shui) from the Department of Chemical Science at KLESF 2023 held at MIECC KL.

Group photo of our Chemical Science team at the entrance of KLESF The Fair 2023.
Mr. Teoh Jia Jun providing a demonstration of saturated sodium acetate (aka Hot Ice) to students.
Dr. Ooi Zhong Xian (left) explaining the immiscibility of two liquids. Also demonstrated were the co-existence of solids, liquids and gases. 
Young learners having fun with the Rainbow Rainfall experiment, which involves the diffusion of colored dyes through shaving foam and into water. 
Secondary school students having a great time at the UTAR chemistry booth. Various exhibition materials, including photomicrographs of Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), chemical garden, storm glass and golden rain were on display.
Dr. Ooi Zhong Xian, Ms. Chan Kah Tong and Ms. Ng Yee Shui setting up an experiment to observe the effervescence effect caused by a vitamin C tablet. 

Group photo taken with UTAR staff (first row, from left to right: Mr. Liew Kah Fai, Dr. Lim Huai Tein, Ts. Dr. Beh Woan Lin, Dr. Ng Peh Sang) and student helpers from the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at KLESF 2023 held at MIECC KL. Great work everyone! 

A fun experiment demonstrating Bernoulli's theorem.
Secondary school students participate in the IQ CAR challenge. 
String glue or physics (gravity) experiment. 
Participants taking the 'Guess the Number' challenge and Mathematic V. 

JNU-UTAR Webinar Series: Food Science and Technology

Oct 18, 2023


Faculty of Science, 

Department of Food Science and Engineering, Jinan University

Details of the event. Registration: https://forms.gle/gqZiS71fGzBBT4EF7 

UTAR Science Education and Exhibition Program 

with Chandra Kumala and Westlake International School

Oct 12, 2023


Faculty of Science (FSC), Department of Laboratory Management and Safety Administration (LMSA)

Ms. Rohadatul Annis binti Zolmi (left) guiding a teacher on how to identify human blood groups. 
Pn. Nurfarhana binti Ahmad (right) showing the students how the bacteria Escherichia coli grows differently on different culture media. 
Mr. Saravanan Sivasangaran (right) demonstrating venipuncture techniques to students.
Pn. Natrah binti Khalid (middle) overseeing the process of microscopic cell manipulation as projected on the LCD screen. 
Ms. Nurul Illiana Razlishah (middle) explaining how agarose gel electrophoresis can be used to separate DNA molecules. 
En. Muhamad Ridzuan bin Imam Sukaeil overseeing an experiment to observe different densities of sugar. 
Ms. Wendy Wong (second from right) demonstrating on the use of nitrocellulose flash paper to students. 
Ms. Choo Wai Teng explaining the principles behind blood osmosis and tonicity. 

Group photo of students of Chandra Kumala and Westlake International School, teachers and UTAR LMSA staff.

Final Year Project Conference for FYP June 2023 Batch

Sept 21, 2023


Faculty of Science (FSC)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gideon Khoo, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Science (FSc) welcoming all staff and students before officiating the FYP Student Conference for June 2023 trimester. The event is held twice per year to showcase the presentation skills and research findings of FSc students.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lim Tuck Meng, Dean of FSc emphasizing the importance of scientists to communicate their findings efficiently, in light of the widening knowledge gap between the academia and the general public. He then congratulated all winners of the FYP Conference for a job well done and encourageed them to keep on honing their skills. 

Group photo of FYP Conference winners taken together with Deans, Head of Departments and FYP supervisors. Well done and congratulations!

Agricultural Science: Best Oral Presenter
Ms. Ng Yan Sze Jacquelyn
FYP project title: Effect of different drying methods on the nutritional value and lactic acid bacteria load of Eudrilus eugeniae.
Agricultural Science: First Runner Up
Mr. Chong Zheng Yang
FYP project title: Isolation and characterization of entomopathogenic fungi from selected recreational forests in the Kinta Region, Perak.
Biochemistry: Best Oral Presenter 
Ms. Clara Wong Chia Ci
FYP project title: Determination of the role of Synechococcus Rubisco Val-425 in chimeras.
Biochemistry: First Runner Up
Ms. Liew Le Ying (represented by supervisor Ms. Chan Mun Yee)
FYP project title: Assessing the efficiency of electro-assisted phytoremediation (EAPR) system for remediation of Cr, Mn, Ni and Pb.
Biochemistry: Second Runner Up
Ms. Ng Yi Wen
FYP project title: Determination of the role of Synechococcus Rubisco residue phenylalanine-253 in chimeras.
Biotechnology: Best Oral Presenter 
Mr. Yap Xing Fui
FYP project title: Pilot evaluation of a face mask method for sampling and detection of pathogenic bacteria carried in the human upper respiratory tract.
Biotechnology: First Runner Up
Mr. Bu Kah Yee
FYP project title: Characterization of bla-TEM and bla-SHV genes from bacterial isolates of various environmental soil samples in Kampar.
Biotechnology: Second Runner Up
Ms. Yeo Halita
FYP project title: An investigation on the effect of coffee and caffeine on the lifespan, locomotion, and brood size of Caenorhabditis elegans.
Chemistry: Best Oral Presenter 
Mr. Lee Shao Ken
FYP project title: Batch and optimization studies of ciprofloxacin removal from aqueous solution by spent tea leaves.
Chemistry: Second Runner Up
Mr. Lee Yong Jin
FYP project title: Hydrogel-based sustained release of granular NPK fertilizer formulation via sodium alginate and carboxymethyl cellulose blends in cultivating water spinach (Opomoea aquatica).
Dietetics: Best Oral Presenter
Ms. Ong Xuan
FYP project title: Heterozygous MTHFR C677T (RS1801133) is associated with higher total cholesterol/high density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio in habitual coffee drinkers.
Dietetics: First Runner Up
Mr. Quah Hong Yi
FYP project title: The effects of breakfast oat drink consumption on bowel function and health parameters among UTAR Kampar female students.
Chemistry: Second Runner Up
Ms. Elisa Bong Tsyr Yin
FYP project title: Nutritional compositions, total phenolics, and antioxidant capacities and student's knowledge level of plant-based meat items. 
Food Science: Best Oral Presenter
Ms. Chew Pei Yee
FYP project title: Plant-based burger patties incorporated with soy protein isolate: Physicochemical, nutritional and partial shelf-life study.
Food Science: First Runner Up
Mr. Lorraine Ng Ruo Yuen
FYP project title: Physicochemical properties of rice bran oil-based oleogel system. 
Food Science: Second Runner Up
Ms. Esther Lim Shi Lin
FYP project title: Preliminary study on the physicochemical and microbiological qualities of overripe tempeh. 
Logistics and International Shipping: Best Oral Presenter
Mr. Isaac Victor Lim Jun Tim
FYP project title: Navigating through the changing landscape of Last-mile Delivery in B2C logistics services in Malaysia.

Logistics and International Shipping: First Runner Up
Ms. Lee Wan Yee
FYP project title: Satisfaction level of people with disabilities (PWDs) on the services and facilities in KL Sentral. 
Logistics and International Shipping: Second Runner Up
Ms. Suganeiswary a/p Thivananthan (represented by Ts. Karunanithi Degerans)
FYP project title: The traffic convestion in Cameron Highlands.
Microbiology: Best Oral Presenter
Mr. Ng Yi Jun
FYP project title: Cloning and expression of beta-lactamase (TEM-1) gene in Escherichia coli.

Logistics and International Shipping: First Runner Up
Ms. Seelathevi Pathmanathan
FYP project title: Association of SNP rs4680 of COMT (Catechol-O-methyltransferase) gene with social anxiety and social media addiction. 
Microbiology: Second Runner Up
Ms. Tai Xin Yi
FYP project title: Detection and identification of pathogenic bacteria in pigeon aecal samples.
Statistical Computing: Best Oral Presenter
Ms. Ch'ng Joesuan
FYP project title: Audience's perception and judgement on different data visualization. 

Statistical Computing: First Runner Up
Ms. Lee Choy Ying
FYP project title: Drivers of tablets used by UTAR academicians: the technology acceptance model perspective. 
Statistical Computing: Best Oral Presenter
Ms. Wong Huan Yen
FYP project title: A study on the selection of accommodation among UTAR undergraduates in Kampar campus using AHP-TOPSIS model. 

A photo collage

UTAR Campus Open Day Workshop: 

Fermentation of Tempeh and Biofertilizer 

Sept 23, 2023


Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS)

Despite being invisible to the naked eye, microorganisms play a major role in our lives. The key is to be able to identify and use the correct species for the right purpose, such as fermentation, which is the topic in focus during this event. 
Dr. Tan Ji introducing the importance of Agriculture and Food Science in the face of an increasing population as well as challenges like dwindling resources and climate change. Participants were also introduced to microorganisms and fermentation. 
Tempeh is made of fermented soybean and is an important protein source especially for vegetarians. Soybeans are soaked overnight, boiled and dried before being inoculated with the starter culture Rhizopus oligosporus. The preparation is then sealed and incubated for a few days. Tempeh fermentation is easy if you can maintain cleanliness as well as provide suitable conditions for the process to occur. 
Fermentation can also be used in agriculture, such as the production of compost or biofertilizer. Biofertilizers, in this case, fruit enzymes (other names: garbage enzyme/fermented fruit waste), contain microorganisms which confer health and growth-promoting benefits to crops and can be easily made by using kitchen or household organic waste, sugar as well as water. Biofertilizers are key to sustainable agriculture. 
Mr. Sim Kheng Yuen explaining the steps involved in making tempeh, before allowing the students to inoculate the soybeans with Rhizopus oligosporus and ultimately heat seal the preparation. 
Dr. Tan Ji overseeing the process of making fruit enzymes, which the students are allowed to bring home, ferment, and eventually see how effective it is in improving soil fertility and plant growth. 

Food Exhibition

for UDAF3203 Food Product Innovation

Sept 14, 2023


Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS)

Group photo of Food Science students and the course leaders Dr. Lye Huey Shi and Dr. Ong Mei Kying. Students taking the Food Product Innovation course have to research, plan, design, formulate, produce, test and sell a meaningful food product of their own using knowledge and skills that they have gained over the years. This course also served as a good training platform for our students, allowing them to secure awards in external Food Product Development competitions. Great job! 

This interesting event draw huge crowds every year, with students and staff eager for a taste. This year we have six products on display: Groovity, Okeese, Ondefir, Yammy, Kickfear and Chocorange. Details of their products are summarized in the following photos. 
Judges Dr. Ong Mei Kying, Dr. Lye Huey Shi and Dr. Ee Kah Yaw listening to the product presentation. Marks are awarded based on novelty of product, technology used, feasibility of the concept, product packaging and labelling, shelf life, costs, presentation skills and booth design. 
Groovity (Kvass) with grapefruit and mint flavor. Kvass is a fermented cereal-based low-alcohol beverage.
Creators of Groovity (Kvass)
Okeese (Soy Cream Cheese) in two different flavors: (i) garlic and herbs; (ii) spicy tomato. These are made using okara, a by-product from tofu and soy drink production that is often discarded.
Creators of Okeese (Soy Cream Cheese)
Onedefir (Pandan Palm Sugar Flavored Soy Milk Kefir). Kefir is a fermented drink rich in probiotics sourced from kefir grains, a great alternative to yoghurt. This product is designed with a more localized taste profile for beter acceptabiltiy among Malaysians. 
Creators of Ondefir (Pandan Palm Sugar Flavored Soy Milk Kefir)
Yammy (Yam Granola Tart Shell). Granola incorporated with yam, healthier ingredients, a more convenient packaging for those who are always on the go. 
Creators of Yammy (Yam Granola Tart Shell)
Kickfear (Apple Lemon Seasalt Water Kefir). Kefir, this time made using water fermentation instead of milk/soymilk-based fermentation- an effective way to reduce cost but still producing the unique fizziness and taste. 
Creators of Kickfear (Apple Lemon Seasalt Water Kefir)
Chocorange (Chocolate-coated Orange Peels). A food product aimed at reducing the wastage of orange peels, with ample of steps put into the removal of potential debris or chemicals which may be present. The peels were oven-dried to provide a characteristic chewy sensation. 
Creators of Chocorange (Chocolate-coated Orange Peels)
Visiting students given free samples and explanations of the products at the booth, after which they could make a purchase if they wish to. 
The food exhibition was graced by Dr. Ali Yassoralipour, Head of Department of the Agricultural and Food Science. 

UTAR Hospital Laboratory Visit

for UDDD2204 Clinical Biochemistry

Sept 14, 2023


Department of Allied Health Sciences (DAHS)

Group photo taken with lecturers, lab staffs and students. We thank the UTAR Hospital Laboratory for this wonderful learning opportunity!

Ms. Sujatha, Assistant Manager of UTAR Hospital Laboratory providing a briefing on the general clinical laboratory setup to students of the course. 
A demonstration on the Abbott Architect ci4100 biochemistry system which is vital for diagnostics. The system is capable of over 130 assays with a maximum throughput of 900 tests per hours. 
Students were shown the pneumatic tube system which connects all wards, surgical rooms and departments with the hospital's laboratory. 
Students were introduced to the functions of the automated coagulation analyzer, a machine that tests blood samples for blood clotting properties. 

Field Trips to Sepang Today Aquaculture Center and Leo Kee Farm Sepang Dragon Fruit Pitaya

for UDAA1233 Principles and Practices of Aquaculture and UDAA1203 Plant Biology

Sept 10, 2023


Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS) 

Group photo taken at Sepang Today Aquaculture Centre (STAC) with Mr. Khoo Eng Wah (center; in purple)

Mr. Khoo briefing the students on the facilities available at the STAC.
Mr. Khoo explaining the principles behind biofloc technology.
Students checking out the grouper tanks, while listening to how water and environmental parameters are kept in check at STAC.
Dr. Teoh Chaiw Yee (left), Dr. Ooi Ai Lin (2nd from right) and Dr. Clement Wong (right) presenting a token of appreciation to Mr. Khoo Eng Wah of STACfor his passionate and insightful sharing.
Group photo taken at Leo Kee Farm Sepang after a briefing on dragonfruit culture and post-harvest by Mr. Leo himself (4th from right). 
DAFS staff presenting a token of appreciation to Mr. Leo of Leo Kee Farm Sepang Dragon Fruit Pitaya for sharing valuable knowledge despite the hot weather!

UTAR Intervarsity Science Symposium (UISS 2023)

Aug 12-13, 2023


UTAR Centre for Agriculture and Food Research (CAFR), QUEST International University, 

INTI International University, Royal Society of Biology

 MIFT 13th National Food Science and Technology Competition 

Aug 5-6, 2023


Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT), Monash University

Group photo of Food Science participants from UTAR, led by Dr. Ong Mei Kying (back row, 3rd from left) and Dr. Lye Huey Shi (back row, 4th from left).

Master of Science student Ms. Warakagoda Widanalage Don Rumali Chamathka was the first runner up in the Postgraduate Research Paper Competition of the oral category. Her award-winning research was titled "Extraction and characterization of cellulose nanoparticles from palm kernel meal for potential application in active food packaging", as supervised by Dr. Ali Yassoralipour, Head of Department of Food Science.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Food Science students Ms. Lorraine Ng Ruo Yuen (left) and Loo Suet Yee (right) each received the Top Scorer Achievement Award in the Food Bowl Quiz in recognition for being quick-witted in answering questions related to food science and technology. 

 Agriculture Technology Seminar Series 23: 

Sustainable Pest Management of Fruit Trees

July 22, 2023


UTAR Center of Agriculture and Food Research (CAFR)

Details of the event. 

Group photo taken with our distinguished speakers, sponsors, staff, students and members of the public.

Dr. Clement Wong Kiing Fook, chairperson of the Agritech 2023 event welcoming all participants to the event, as well as explaining the importance of relying less on chemical fertilizers and pesticides to ensure sustainability of the agriculture sector.
Prof. Ts. Dr. Faidz, Vice President in R&D and Commercialization emphasizing the importance of agriculture for the Malaysian economy, and the need for education and awareness to improve the adoption of alternative and more eco-friendly alternatives to pest management.
Prof. Dr. Wong Hann Ling moderating the first session of the seminar.
Mr. Chandra Kumar from the Department of Agriculture Malaysia providing an overview of physical, chemical and biological control methods against agricultural pests. 
Mr. Ti Yu Hang from Advansia Sdn. Bhd. who is also a UTAR Agricultural Science alumnus introducing the different types of chemical pesticides available, their properties, mechanism of actions, handling precautions etc. He stressed the importance of farmers using the correct pesticide for a given situation to prevent pests from developing resistances against pesticides. 
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wong Wey Lim moderating the second session of the seminar.
Mr. Shawn Wong, an Intergrated Pest Management (IPM) specialist from GreenHeart Farms Sdn. Bhd. explaining the feasibility of IPM in agriculture using examples of capsicum, chilli, tomato, cucumber and strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands. He emphasized the importance of getting the culture conditions as best as possible before considering the employment of biological pest control.
Mr. Hans Leong from Kean Beng Lee Industries Sdn. Bhd. (Baba) explaining how a mixed use of organic and chemical methods in agriculture (via the satu kali kimia, satu kali organik method) offers the best balance between productivity and sustainability. He also shared a long list of testimonials from happy farmers who adopted this approach. 

Ms. Lim Chuu Fong from Kean Beng Lee Industries Sdn. Bhd. (Baba), also a UTAR alumnus, explaining the importance of standards and certifications to ensure that products marketed as 'organic' truly satisfy the international standards of being organic. She introduced EarthTag, an internationally-recognized organic certification and provided an overview on the application process and benefits of such a certification. 
A forum was held after the lunch break. The session was moderated by Dr. Ong Ching Ang, an agricultural expert from MARDI and UTAR, and involved all five speakers of the event. The speakers and participants were allowed to ask questions and suggest agricultural issues for debate. 
Dr. Ong Ching Ang providing valuable insights from his many years of experience in agriculture. Examples of topics discussed during the forum include the economic feasibility of integrated pest management (IPM) and organic agriculture, authenticity and fraud prevention of organic products, importance of meticulous diagnosis of plant symptoms and disease identification, possibility of biological control in open agricultural systems, common issues associated with farms applying for organic certificates and many more.
A group photo of the forum: (from left to right) standing: Mr. Ti Yu Hang, Mr. Hans Leong, Mr. Shawn Wong, Mr. Chandra Kumar; seated: Ms. Lim Chuu Fong and Dr. Ong Ching Ang. Thank you so much for a insightful and lively discussion!

Interesting questions were raised by staff, students and members of the public for discussion. 

 Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK) Career Talk

June 28, 2023


KLK, Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS) 

Group photo taken with our distinguished guests from KLK. We thank them for their valuable insights and sharing!

Mr. Seow Kok Wei, assistant general manager sharing about the Plantation Management Trainee (PMT) program, internship and career opportunities offered by KLK Berhad.
Ms. Pong Wan Shing gave a briefing on the scholarships offered by KLK Berhad.

 Nature Fun Walk 2023

June 26, 2023


Faculty of Science Laboratory Management and Safety Administration (LMSA), Agriculture and Food Science Society

Details of the event. Student registration link HERE.

Say cheese! Group photo of all participants of the Nature Fun Walk 2023 event! The event was organized by the Faculty of Science as part of its effort to promote the faculty, the beauty of the UTAR Kampar campus, as well as to generate funds for the construction of the not--for-profit UTAR hospital.

Nothing like a good set of morning exercises to warm up before the event. Wonderful lead by the Nature Fun Walk committee!  
Breaking a sweat! Zumba, KPOP and Baby Shark, anyone? 
The flag off point was at none other than Block D, the Faculty of Science. The event was kickstarted by Prof. Dr. Choong Chee Keong (UTAR Vice President) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lim Tuck Meng (Dean of Faculty of Science).
The Nature Fun Walk features multiple points of interest within the campus, including the bird sanctuary, the bamboo pavilion, grand hall and so on, a wonderful opportunity especially to the public to check out the exquisite beauty of the campus.
It's all fun and games after the campus walk! Photobooth, F&B sales, plant sales and game booths available courtesy of the Agriculture and Food Science Society, co-organizer of the event.  
Easy yet difficult. Complete all three games and get a free gift of sedum plants!
Ms. Tham Chee Xuan providing instructions to the game. 
Game booth 2 featured a classic ping pong game. All you have to do is get as many ping pong balls as possible into cups to earn points. 
Prof. Choong and Dr. Lim giving the station games a shot. 
Game booth 3 required rubber band markmanship skills, one of the hardest games in the set.  
Agriculture and Food Science Society team and society advisor Dr. Tan Ji (center).
What is an outdoor event without a lucky draw? Plenty of gifts await!

A big congratulations to all the lucky-draw winners! Thank you so much for your support, we hope you had a great time and until we meet again!

 UTAR Campus Open Day Workshop: Cell-Esteem Experiment Exhibition

June 24, 2023


Department of Biological Science (DBS)

Artwork of the student committee, created by streaking the bacteria on agar plates. Scientists also have a good fashion sense!
Lava lamp made using baking soda. 

Group photo of the student committee with the advisor, Dr. Lam Ming Quan (left) 

Faculty of Science Community Service  

Taska Genius Kampar: Mural Painting

May 29-June 2, 2023

by Faculty of Science

Let creativity fly! UTAR academic and laboratory staff coming together to do a mural painting at the newly -extended building of Taska Genius Kampar. The team of 11 consist of Dr Choo Quok Cheong, Dr Chew Choy Hoong, Dr Ng Wen Jie, Dr Loo Keat Wei, Pn Nurhanisah bt Ahmad Fauzi, Ms Choo Wai Teng, Pn Nurfarhana bt Ahmad, Cik Hazlinda bt Hasim, Ms Luke Choy May, Cik Fatin Masturah bt Mohd Isa and Pn Nur Farahin bt Saidin.

The children of Taska Genius having fun making their own sets of hand prints. 
Artists in action. The wall featured cartoons and numbers in different written language- a meaningful yet pretty way of using the walls. 

Faculty of Science MSc students awarded bronze medal 

during the 9th International Biotechnology Competition and Exhibition (IBCEX) 

May 5-6, 2023

by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

From left to right: Dr. Ali Yassoralipour, Ms. Widanalage Don Rumali Chamathka, Mr. Cheah Shi Yan, Ms. S. Shivitraloshini and team supervisor Dr Anto Cordelia 

                                                                                                                             A big congratulations to the team!

Workshop on Staghorn Fern Mounting at the FSc Horticultural Shed

May 3, 2023


Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS), Agricultural and Food Science Society

Group photo taken after mounting staghorn ferns as part of the beautification project by DAFS. From left to right: Dr. Tan Ji, Dr. Clement Wong, Mr. Yap Wan Fuh and Mr. Chiew Jian Hong, the latter two being the trainer for the workshop.

Staghorn ferns look spectacular when mounted on wooden boards or, in this case, on tree trunks. Here Mr. Chiew explained the substrate medium suitable for staghorn ferns, and also the suitable method to mount the fern onto an otherwise smooth tree trunk. 
Mr. Chiew demonstrating the spore collection process for staghorn ferns. This is one useful way to create new species or hybrids in the lucrative horticultural market.

Final Year Project Conference for FYP January 2023 Batch

May 2, 2023


Faculty of Science (FSC)

Assoc. Prof. Lim Tuck Meng, Dean of Faculty of Science officiating the event and stressing the importance of scientists being able to articulate and present their findings in a manner that could reach their intended audiences. He then congratulated all the winners of this FYP conference, who represented the best of the best in every Department of the Faculty.  
The venue EDK5 was packed to the brim by staff and students. In addition to the prize-giving ceremony, the audience also got the opportunity to witness scientific presentations by the FYP Conference Champions from each Department.

Agricultural Science: Best Oral Presenter
Ms. Pang Liang Ee 
FYP project title: The effect of feed supplemented with Curcuma longa and Moringa oleifera on IKTA quail growth performance and egg production
Agricultural Science: First Runner Up
Ms. Ng Kai Li
FYP project title: Effect of NPK fertilizer, fermented fruit peel waste, and oil palm waste compost on the soil fertility, growth and yield of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) cultivated on ex-tin mining soil
Food Science: Best Oral Presenter 
Ms. Wan Chui Yung
FYP project title: Comparative study of the antioxidative properties of simple ethanolic and utrasound-Assisted ethanolic extracts of propolis
Food Science: First Runner Up
Ms. Hung Yee Shuen
FYP project title: Comparative physicochemical, sensory, and antioxidant properties of starfruits preserved with different concentration of hydrogen peroxide during postharvest storage
Food Science: Second Runner Up
Mr. Yaw Jia Juin
FYP project title: Identification and enzyme characterization of food waste degrading bacteria
Biotechnology: Best Oral Presenter 
Mr. Chan Wen Jun
FYP project title: Detection of pathogenic bacteria in pigeon faecal samples
Biotechnology: First Runner Up
Ms. Lee Jia Hui
FYP project title: Characterization of soil bacteria with anti-Ganoderma and/or plant growth-promoting activities
Biotechnology: Second Runner Up
Mr. Wong Yong Han
FYP project title: Expression of a recombinant domain-swapped alkaline phosphatase in Escherichia coli
Microbiology: Best Oral Presenter 
Ms. Shanise Thean Pui Kei
FYP project title: Studies on Aedes albopictus bacterial microbiota and Its larval growth effects
Microbiology: First Runner Up
Ms. Sivaanni a/p Kumar
FYP project title: Characterization of pigment-producing bacteria based on their antioxidant and antimicrobial properties
Microbiology: Second Runner Up
Ms. Ada Phua Sook Sim
FYP project title: Studies on bacterial microbiota of Aedes albopictus and its larval growth-promoting effects
Chemistry: Best Oral Presenter 
Ms. Tan Yi Ying
FYP project title: Synthesis, characterisation, conformational study and antibacterial activity of N-acylhydrazone and its derivatives
Chemistry: First Runner Up
Ms. Khong Pek Yao
FYP project title: Synthesis, characterisation, conformational study and antibacterial activity of N-acylhydrazones
Chemistry: Second Runner Up
Ms. Cheong Kai Xuan
FYP project title: Green synthesis and characterisation of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles using bark-stems of soursop (Annona muricata)
Biochemistry: Best Oral Presenter 
Ms. Cheah Chen Xi
FYP project title: Determination of the role of Isoleucine-279 in chimeric Rubisco assembly
Biochemistry: First Runner Up
Ms. Loh Poh Yee
FYP project title: The study of antioxidative enzyme (SOD, CAT, POX, APX) of water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) via EAPR
Biochemistry: Second Runner Up
Mr. Yeoh Yao Kai
FYP project title: Comparison of the effects of commercial organic and inorganic liquid fertilizers on the growth and physiology of hydroponic bok choy
Biomedical Science: Best Oral Presenter 
Mr. Tan Zhen Nan
FYP project title: Molecular detection of aminoglycoside resistance genes aac(6’)-Ib and aac(3)-II in uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) clinical isolates from Perak
Biomedical Science: First Runner Up
Ms. Wong Yee Jin
FYP project title: Green synthesis and characterization of copper oxide-zinc oxide nanocomposite from Musa acuminata for cytotoxic studies on colorectal cancer cells (HCC2998)
Dietetics: Best Oral Presenter
Ms. Yeo Yee Teng
FYP project title: The relationship between sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) intake, anthropometric indices and fasting blood glucose (FBG) level among male and female students from UTAR Kampar
Dietetics: First Runner Up 
Mr. Chin Man Fai
FYP project title: Effects of storage temperature on the physicochemical, nutritional and microbiological analysis of cold-pressed orange juice
Dietetics: First Runner Up
Ms. Chow Hor Yan
FYP project title: Association between psychological distress, sleep quality and night eating syndrome (NES) among undergraduates at UTAR Kampar campus
Logistics and International Shipping: Best Oral Presenter
Mr. Wong Wei Heng
FYP project title: The challenges of Malaysia dry port: A case study of Ipoh Inland Container Terminal (ICT)
Logistics and International Shipping: First Runner Up 
Ms. Ooi Hui Tian
FYP project title: A study on the adoption of warehouse automation in PLC5, Schenker Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd.
Statistical Computing: Best Oral Presenter
Mr. Choy Men Feng
FYP project title: Prediction model for National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs games by machine learning
Statistical Computing: First Runner Up
Ms. Tok Hui Mei
FYP project title: Impact analysis of the Malaysia’s economy on the palm oil stock returns in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia through NARDL Model
Statistical Computing: Second Runner Up 
Ms. Nisha a/p Ramesh Kumar
FYP project title: Developing median ensemble climate-based dengue prediction models for Selangor, Malaysia

A photo collage showing the best FYP presenters in action during the FYP Conference.

Group photo of FYP Conference winners with the Dean, Deputy Deans and Head of Departments of Faculty of Science. A big congratulations to all the winners again!

Field Trips to Sheng Yang Eco-Farm and Nouvoland Sdn. Bhd.

for UDAA3324 Agriculture Pest Management

Apr 19, 2023


Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS)

Farm owner Mr. Chai explaining to the students and staff on the NASAA organic certification and how organic farming is practiced in his farm.
Dr. Clement Wong Kiing Fook presenting a token of appreciation to Mr. Chai.

Group photo of staff and students from Faculty of Science with th farm owner Mr. Chai (middle).

Group photo with Mr. Lau (middle), the owner of Nouvoland Sdn. Bhd. 
Dr. Clement Wong and students listening to Mr. Lau sharing his experience in establishing and managing the farm. 

Growing baby spinach under LED lights for improved growth and sensory attributes. 
The farm manager, Ms. Cassey explaining their practices in growing vegetables, as well as keeping pest populations in check. 

Participants looking at tomato size sorting machine as Mr. Lau explained how the vegetables are graded, packaged and distributed to major supermarkets.
Lecturers of the Faculty of Science taking a photo with Mr. Lau before heading back to the campus. Thank you so much for the wonderful learning experience!

Field Trip to Bidor Kwong Heng Sdn. Bhd.

for UDBB3163 Food Microbiology

Apr 7, 2023


Department of Biological Science (DBS)

Group photo taken with the friendly staff of Bidor Kwong Heng Sdn. Bhd. which specializes in soy sauce fermentation. Here the students are exposed to food preservation methods and food safety management. We thank the company for the kind hospitality! 
Dr. Lam Ming Quan (left) presenting a token of appreciation to Ms. Sheryl Loh, the R&D Manager of Bido Kwong Heng Sdn. Bhd.

Field Trips to Fajar Aqua Sdn. Bhd., Siakap Meranti Sitiawan and Pusat Penetasan Udang Galah Kg Acheh

for UDAA3493 Aquatic Hatchery Technology

Mac 22, 2023


Department of Agricultural and Food Science (DAFS)

Group photo with Mr. Robin Lang Ting Huat, owner of Fajar Aqua Sdn. Bhd.
Students observing the marine and freshwater prawn tank setup and learning the daily operation at Fajar Aqua Sdn. Bhd.

Group photo taken with Mr. Ling Kar Hui, Dr. Teoh Chiaw Yee and Mr. Kelvin Chong Sheng Hau at Siakap Meranti Sitiawan, a second-generation marine fish family hatchery farm. 
Students looking onward as Mr. Kelvin, a UTAR Agricultural Science alumnus demonstrated the daily operation and management of the marine fish hatchery.

Group photo with Mr. Santhana, the research officer at Pusat Penetasan Udang Galah, Kg Acheh. 
Mr. Santhana sharing his experiences in the operation and management of giant freshwater prawns. 

Achievements of Food Science Students during the Diversity & Inclusion Youth Conference (DIYC) Business Plan Challenge Grand Finale

Mac 13-14, 2023


Diversity & Inclusion Youth Conference (DIYC)

Congratulations to Food Science (FD) students Cheah Cyn Ru, Lim Xin Wei, Lim Chea, Tan Zi Jing and Sng Yee Chung of the group Pop!tato, who were awarded the 3rd runner up for their development of fermented drink based on purple sweet potato.
A group photo showing the two groups of FD students who made it to the grand finale of the Business Plan Challenge.  Great job Cheah Cyn Ru, Lim Xin Wei, Lim Chea, Tan Zi Jing, Sng Yee Chung, Loo Teik Kheng, Han Zi Yi, Lim Shu Xian, Chan Jia Yi and Yaw Jia Juin! You made us proud!

External Examiner Visitation of Food Science Department by Prof. Dr. Keshavan Niranjan

Feb 19-23, 2023


Faculty of Science (FSc) 

Group photo consisting of Prof. Dr. Keshavan Niranjan (External Examiner; seated centre), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lim Tuck Meng (Dean of Faculty; seated right), Dr. Ali Yassoralipour (Head of Department of Agricultural and Food Science; seated left), Deputy Deans and Heads of Departments of the Faculty of Science.
The activities of the External Examiner are many, all of which were aimed to ascertain and improve the quality of the Food Science program in UTAR. These activities include discussions with upper management, discussions with staff of the faculty/program, moderation of program and exam papers, interaction with students of the program, lecturer/practical class visitation, and a seminar. 

The services of offered by Prof. Dr. Keshavan Niranjan is very much appreciated by the Faculty and University. Here we see Ir. Professor Dato' Dr. Ewe Hong Tat, president of UTAR presenting a token of appreciation to Prof. Keshavan Niranjan in the presence of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lim Tuck Meng (Dean of Faculty of Science) and Dr. Ali Yassoralipour (Head of Agricultural and Food Science Department)

Food Packaging- Balancing Functionality with Environmental Impact by Prof. Dr. Keshavan Niranjan

Feb 21, 2023


Faculty of Science (FSc) 

Details of the event.
Prof. Dr. Keshavan Niranjan explaining to the participants the importance of food packaging and the need to for packaging materials which are cost-effective. 
Group photo taken together with Prof. Dr. Keshavan Niranjan 

UTAR Agricultural Park Strategy Alignment Meeting with Prof. Dr. Lim Yang Moi

Feb 7, 2023


Faculty of Science (FSc), Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Research (IPSR) 

From left to right: Dr. Teoh Chaiw Yee, Dr. Ooi Ai Lin, Dr. Kwong Phek Jin, Dr. Ooi Zhong Xian, Prof. Dr. Lim Yang Moi, Prof. Dr. Wong Hann Ling, Dr. Pedram Kashiani, 
Dr. Ali Yassoralipour, Dr. Phoon Lee Quen, Dr. Eddy Cheah 

 Intended Malaysian R&D Connecting Organic Agriculture and Technologies

Jan 5, 2023


Faculty of Science (FSc), Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology (FEGT)

Details of the event.
Prof. Komiya delivering his presentation on the importance of organic agriculture. This webinar represents the first part of his organic agriculture series.
Group photo featuring participants from Japan, Malaysia and other countries.