Associate Professor Dr Lim Tuck Meng
Dean, Faculty of Science

Greetings and welcome to the Faculty of Science. This faculty is set up as an expansion to the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology in mid-August 2009.

'Knowledge itself is power' (scientia potential est) says Sir Francis Bacon in Meditationes Sacrae. In order to make the world a better living place, we need to have the relevant knowledge and then the correct manipulation of this knowledge can benefit us all. Following this maxim, the faculty aspires to be a centre of knowledge acquisition and training for those who are interested in the fields of Science. For that purpose, the faculty is made up of five departments, namely

  1. Department of Agricultural and Food Science
  2. Department of Allied Health Sciences
  3. Department of Biological Science 
  4. Department of Chemical Science
  5. Department of Physical and Mathematical Science

At present, ten programmes of studies are offered while more are in the pipeline pending the approval from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. New programmes are added as the need arises from the communication with various stake holders. Dedicated staff, good facilities and a beautiful campus ground produce the correct combination for a holistic development of our students following the programmes of the faculty.

More information about the faculty can be obtained through the various links in this web site. We are also happy to entertain your queries. Thank you for showing interest and browse our website.